Sunday, August 2, 2009

Doggone and done it!

Younger daughter came round on Saturday, took one look at Gemma and exclaimed "She's HUGE!"
Yep, we are now expecting the patter of at least 28 tiny feet!
We had decided to arrange a marriage for her at about Xmas but the little slut has clearly had other ideas.
If we could just lay our hands on the little mongrel (Oh please God a Labrador or something a bit up market) who led her astray.
Mad panic, we've bought a HUGELY expensive whelping box and expect to be boiling water and bringing fresh towels in about a week!
Yes, a week! Vet was very nice about our inexcuseable ignorance - a bloke brought in his dog the other day, said he thought she wasn't very well whereupon a puppy dropped onto the floor!
All whelping tips greatfully received!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Good for Gemma - most mongrels look fantastic. You might be lucky and get labradoodles - they are very sought after. Hope you post the pics!

PS: Send the runt via first class airmail especially for me!