Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Blog all to herself.......nearly

Elder daughter has hounded me for months to publish a blog just about her - she's clearly sick to death of all my references to her sister! So, the opportunity arose this evening when her fella Kiwi Jiff proposed marriage and she accepted, rather too readily if you ask me! Jiff, poor chap, is obviously not quite all there but, hey, she'll be off our hands!
Matron and I are simply delighted and look forward, at last, to becoming grandparents all in due course!


Lindsay said...

Love the ring - almost as pretty as Jiff himself! Good luck to the pair of them.

Very pleased to hear Kate on the phone.

Lindsay said...

A response from Tim might be delayed because the family are in Italy for two weeks unless of course a laptop is taken with them.

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