Sunday, July 6, 2008

Things I said to Her Indoors at the weekend

  • I can't find my towel
  • In the laundry? But I've only used it for a week
  • Yes, dear
  • I'm not grumpy, I'm not that old and I haven't farted
  • Oops
  • Tea and toast?
  • Only a bit burnt- I've opened the window
  • I know it's cold
  • It's shut now, dear
  • I'll write the shopping list
  • Because I can't read your writing
  • You had the pen last night
  • Sudoko
  • No I didn't say that!
  • Wish I had
  • Nothing, dear
  • I'm off
  • I'm back
  • Bugger, I forgot it
  • No, of course I'll get it, bye
  • I'm back, the latte's on the bench
  • But the footy's on
  • OK, but the rugby's on this evening
  • Thanks
  • I said 'thanks'
  • No, I didn't mean it like that
  • We've seen this episode hundreds of times
  • I've seen this episode hundreds of times
  • Wake up
  • It's 7 o'clock, I thought you'd want to put on the potatoes
  • Yes, of course I can, it's just ......
  • No, I did tell you about the rugby
  • Half time, do you want me to mash them?
  • Mmmmm, that was delicious sweetheart, thanks
  • Jeeez, I'm tired, long day wasn't it?
  • No, I know, not as long as yours
  • My little nest of vipers
  • Nothing important, 'night dearest

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

What have I to put up with when FGSJ comes for a visit over here? At least Matron can have a rest!