Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged at last!

Bigfoot (aka Rural Villager) has tagged me to mention six interesting things about me. Unfortunately, I don't have all day to write all about moi as, unlike Bigfoot, I'm extraordinarily interesting. Also, unlike her, I'm perfectly proportioned anatomically. Whoa there, don't lets get too big headed! So .........
  1. When posing (as one does) for my christening photo with proud Bigfoot (as she was even then at the age of four) cradling me in her arms, I managed to wee all over her much to my delight & her lifetime chagrin! That probably explains her bullying me thereafter.
  2. For eleven years during the eighties & nineties I indulged in amateur theatre ( I sensed that my public really needed me). Eleven traditional English pantos (I even sang a song a la Rex Harrison in a production of Robin Hood) and two musicals, 'Me & My Girl' and a starring role (albeit unduly minor) in '42nd Street'. I looked good in tights - and still do.
  3. My 15 minutes of fame in February 1983 during the disasterous bushfires here in Victoria and South Australia. Somehow the BBC had broadcast my office phone number for worried relatives to ring for information on loved ones etc. I spent all day fielding frantic calls from the UK 'til I rang the ABC (equivalent of Auntie) and asked them to put the Beeb right. The ABC then interviewed me that evening on the radio about my unusual day.
  4. Plucking up courage to skydive a couple of months ago - see earlier Blog.
  5. Before leaving for Oz in 1979, I was a memeber of Epsom Hockey Club and partook in a world record beating game of continuous hockey - we started under car headlights and finished about 12 hrs later. Some unmentionable Dutch team then promptly beat our record - such is life.
  6. I caught my one & only salmon at the age of about 12 on the Ballynahinch river in Ireland. This is the same river on which my grandfather died of a heart attack in 1952 having just landed a salmon while fishing with my father. Grandfather was carried up to the Ballynahinch Hotel and his salmon was enjoyed that night.
If I knew how to, I'd like to tag Millenium Housewife (in the nicest possible way) as I find her Blog to be wonderfully well written and extremely amusing. As for the other five, if you're reading this, count yourself in!


Millennium Housewife said...

Boy, you and your sister are legends! Thankyou for the tag, I'll have a good think and reply in kind, although Millennium Housewife (as I'm sure everyone understands) is a bit of a parody so I'll be thinking about how she may reply to this. Thankyou again my man. MH
ps I'm actually the love child of George Bush and Emily Pankhurst so need to shy away from the press. I'm sure you understand.

Millennium Housewife said...

ps just put you on my blog roll, hope you don't mind x

Lindsay said...

Fame at last Jamie. You will have to keep up with some interesting posts to keep MH amused!

Boyfromoz said...

Thanks, MH. We do have a little in common in that my great grandmother was one of Emily Pankhurst's lieutenants and languished in Holloway prison for a while.
As for the press, I hope to arrive at LHR on Wednesday morning unrecognised - those flash bulbs do hurt one's eyes so, don't you agree?
Pip Pip!