Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Golly!

It's about time the BBC and other left wing, chardonnay drinking, tree hugging loonies got a life and realised that, despite their tediously moronic outlook on life, other more well adjusted people do say things in jest, without one iota of malice and, more often than not, with a degree of affection.
People of a certain age (ie me, rural villager and, clearly, the Thatcher lady) well remember the golliwog stickers which came with every jar of Robertson's jams etc. They were part & parcel of our wonderful pre-polically correct life and it never ever crossed our minds that the golliwogs were somehow racially discriminate in nature.
In our family we have christened Andrew Symonds 'Golly' for obvious reasons, not because we wish to villify him (despite his recent well publicised problems) but because we like him and when we like people we tend to give them nicknames.
We have to put up with similarly stupid good-for-nothing pc nazis here in OZ and it's time we told them to shut up.
If I've offended you, then bugger off too!

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Lindsay said...

The BBC has two different rules. Jonathon Ross who is highly highly overpaid (I hate him) is very offensive on-air gets a suspension. Carol Thatcher off-air who earns a couple of thousand for a very part-time job gets sacked!