Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool Thoughts

It's 10.30am as I write and already the temperature is 39C with a top predicted of 43C later today - that's 109F in the old lingo. It was 43C yesterday and another 43C forecast for tomorrow when Matron & I are going to the tennis - luckily our seats will be in the shade although they might well close the roof at the Rod Laver Arena. The photo was taken a few years ago at Byron Bay, NSW and features three of our brood all of whom would prefer to be back there today!


Lindsay said...

Good picture. We both need cooling down. We are hot under the collar due to lorry reversing over the verge - BigSis is on the warpath with TNT (haulier) - hoping they will send men armed with spades, earth and lawn turf - what a hope! Enjoy the tennis. Heard commentary during Serena match wondering why the audiences are down. Anne, my Clipper holiday friend says all Oz people will avoid "the whale"?

Boyfromoz said...

Actually reached 44C yesterday! They're still spruiking tickets for today's tennis - I expect a lot of people prefer to stay at home out of the heat - but mad dogs and matrons go out in the noonday sun! Neither of the W sisters are popular over here - they're just so silly with their dress (non)sense etc.

david mcmahon said...

Mate, we had the trifecta - bushfires, heatwave and very few trains!!