Monday, August 4, 2008

The Last One

It probably looks pretty ordinary to you lot in the UK but this is our very last jar of Chivers Redcurrant Jelly which we found the other day hiding in the dusty depths of our pantry. As redcurrant jelly enthusiasts (for that read tragics), Chivers is the only make to have. We do possess about 20 jars of the Crosse & Blackwell variety (we have to stock up as & when they appear on our local supermarket shelves) and even a couple of French jars, but NOTHING beats dear old Chivers. We'll keep this one as a momento of times past and, in any case, its Use By date was September 2006!


Lindsay said...

We've got stacks and stacks of RCJ just awaiting your arrival. Sell by date of September 2006 - you wimps - just eat it!
Will do my post tomorrow on the same subject.

Pam said...

I like your blog, especially the words you say to your wife - sounds just like my hubby!!!
I Came over from Strawberry Jam Ann's blog.
I have a really old tub of Birds Custard in my cupboard and I'll never make it but can't throw it away. It makes me feel British when I open up the cupboard door.