Sunday, August 17, 2008

Standard Boundary Fence

Younger son now has braces and was not happy to be called "metal mouth", "train tracks" or "brace face". We therefore had to think of another suitable description - hence he is now referred to as "SBF" as, In Oz, a Standard Boundary Fence consists of hinge lock (also known as ring lock) topped by 2 strands of wire, more often than not of the barbed variety. No doubt Rural Villager will know precisely what I'm describing and can answer allcomers questions from those not quite so agricultural.


Lindsay said...

What on earth is Elder Son holding in the background? Looks like a men's urinal for hospital use. What has Matron been doing?

Boyfromoz said...

It wasn't a good photo - I can't have had the camera on automatic - probably for panoramas, hence out of focus! But elder daughter was with me and was keen to see me strutblog my stuff! The boys were clearing out our "sleepout" - a two roomed tiny cabin completely separate from the house. Elder son has his drum room in one of the rooms and the other was full of accumulated junk which they were sifting through. Elder son was holding two jugs that he'd found (one was/is of pewter, the other of unkknown parentage) and, while I was capturing this epic moment, was asking anyone who cared to listen whether we liked his jugs! I assume the word "jugs" has the same meaning in the UK - not that I ever used such a vulgar expression for "tits"!

Lindsay said...

Surely 'jugs' in the UK means large ears. Ie. Prince Charles is a Jughead - I seem to remember, Jamie, that yours are pretty big too!